Stephanie Nilles - New Orleans 

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 Rolling Stone Magazine described Stephanie Nilles as: 

"Ella Fitzgerald on speed beating the shit out of Regina Spektor"

"Stephanie Nilles, hailing from New Orleans, is possibly the most compelling jazz piano/lounge punk singer since Tom Waits started chain smoking and singing about sailors. With a voice that manically switches from sultry soul to wild yelping, not to mention mad piano skills and a wild performance energy" AudioSuede


Stephanie Nilles is a classically trained pianist, who has alot to say and is not afraid to say it. On first blush, one hears the training - the exemplary piano technique combining classical and jazz that only a prodigious player can execute, but its the combination of this skill with the lyrics, the statements, the punk, the feminist, the meaty writing and charming performances that makes Stephanie Nilles' music spectacular.

A versatile and skilled performer, Nilles plays solo, duo and full band shows. She is a singer songwriter, classical pianist, social commentator, jazz/punk/barrelhouse musician with incredible charisma and a sophisticated, dry and dark sense of humour - an irresistible package.

Watch and read about Stephanie on NPR's "From The Top" here  

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Stephanie Nilles Interview

Stephanie Nilles Band performing Jump Monk / A Constellation of Endeavors

Stephanie Nilles solo performance of Canadians are From Canada