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While treading water in a sea of indie-folk sub genres, The Breakmen scan the horizon for a glimpse of something meaningful and true. With their most recent release, Heartwood (2010), The Breakmen sought to create an atmosphere of improvisation and creativity. Relying on the songwriting of Archie Pateman and Lee Watson to inspire, The Breakmen created something lasting in the now vast expanse that is Canadian Folk Music. As 2012 approaches, The Breakmen are gluing together the parts and pieces of a new album. In late 2011, during their most recent tour, the band found itself collaborating and creating more than ever before; each spare moment seemed to be filled with spontaneous song ideas, lyrics on paper, new instruments swapping hands, inspiration, and a movement toward what they refer to as "Canadiana". "Listening to The Breakmen's Heartwood is like taking a road trip through the Canadian Landscape – your’re bound to gawk at rolling hills, experience a flat tire, and cry for home....but in the end, all you can remember is that the journey was beautiful" - Danielle Pope, Monday Magazine, Victoria The Breakmen are no strangers to the idea of songwriting. Since forming in 2005, the band has recorded 3 critically acclaimed studio albums, appeared on 3 compilation albums, won the 2009 Americana Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards, and have been recently nominated for 2 Canadian Folk Music Awards. "Challenging each other musically has produced some of our most genuine material. Asking someone to step outside of what they’re used to is how we grow….we have been doing a lot of that lately and it shows” says Lee Watson, Breakmen songwriter. Although known primarily for their songwriting and studio efforts, The Breakmen have honed a remarkable ability to bring their recordings to life on stage. There are plans a foot for major tours in Europe, the U.S. and Canada in 2012 and beyond, including a BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan tour in February.



The Breakmen (2006) When You Leave Town (2008) Heartwood (2010)


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