Sam Doores, Riley Downing & The Tumbleweeds      sammartin photo young benjamins
Stephanie Face

Samantha Martin (Toronto, ON)
Soul / Gospel / Blues
"If there were an offspring of Mavis Staples and the Black Keys and Sharon Jones were the Auntie; it would sound like Samantha Martin & co."

Stephanie Nilles (New Orleans, LA)

"Ella Fitzgerald on speed beating the shit out of Regina Spektor" Rolling Stone Magazine

"possibly the most compelling jazz/piano lounge punk singer since Tom Waits started chain smoking and singing about sailors" Audiosuede                                                                            _________________________________________________________________________________________

Young Benjamins (Saskatoon, SK)   Experimental Indie-Folk

"Young Benjamins take earnest Indie-Folk to the next level" Pop Montreal                                     __________________________________________________________________________________________

Morgan O'Kane (Brooklyn, NY)
Appalachian / Punk Banjo virtuoso
"...a high-intensity musician who looks like a mechanic in a rural gas station, sings like a man possessed and plays mountain music like it was an avalanche."

 Sam Doores Riley Downing & The Tumbleweeds (New Orleans, LA)                                               Honky Tonkin Rock N Roll Soul  

" ...a pure slab of old timey Americana gold" Stylus Magazine Dec. 2012


The Mag 7's (Winnipeg, MB)
Punk Bluegrass
"combining traditional bluegrass with a sense of modern mayhem"
The D Rangers (Winnipeg, MB)
Mutant Bluegrass
"Its good to know there are still punks picking up banjo's and mandolins" No Depression


New Country Rehab (Toronto, ON) - Past Clients
High Voltage Alt Country 
Treasa Levasseur
Gregory Hoskins
Scott Merritt