About Us

Dollartone is an independent music company that strives to bring exceptional artists (and their music) to discerning ears and audiences. Dollartone tends towards Roots music with a punk attitude; that's the way we do things.
Dollartone is a 30+ year old label, that found its home in Winnipeg, MB. for most of that time. Now based in Guelph, It has evolved into a company that is much more than just a label. Dollartone is also a management company, we handle bookings, logistics, publicity, merchandising (including design!) as well as offer consulting and career planning services. We work with artists in a variety of capacities, with publicists and distributors, booking agents and other labels as well as loads of amazing presenters all over the world.
We care about what we do, who we work with, and all of our experiences with the music.

Hell, we figure you are here because you share our belief that music can be transformative, that you've all had that experience where a line in a song resonates in a way that you couldn't quite put in words before, or a moment at a live show that changed the way you see things.
That is why we do what we do.

We strive to bring the best roots-infused music to the broadest audiences.

We Are

Shawna Cooper - Owner/Manager

shawna [at] dollartone [dot] com

Daniel Cooper - Regional Bookings / Social Media / General assistant

danielzephyr {at} dollartone {dot} com

Gordon Auld - Web and Graphic design

gord {at} northernvillage {dot} com

Dollartone is distributed in Canada viaOUTSIDE

Dollartone is distributed in Benelux via SONIC RENDEZVOUS

Dollartone is distributed in The U.S. via CPI Distribution 



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Dollartone Records History

Dollartone Records is over 30 years old. We are working to gather up the history of Dollartone and bring it to you here.
On the previous website, under label it read, "Welcome to Dollartone - Serving Winnipeg's underbelly for 30 years"